Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LEAST of the APOSTLES By Dennis E. Ingolfsland

The book places a carefully condensed version of Paul's letters chronologically into the historical story of Paul's ministry as recorded in the Book of Acts. Brief introductions to each letter and footnotes on historical background help the reader better understand Paul's ministry in the broader context of Roman History.
The book also includes short appendices on Paul's letters and the New Testament canon, and on the relation of Paul's teaching to that of Jesus.

This book was not written for scholars. It was written for new believers, or for unbelievers who are "seeking" and who want a quick overview of what the gospel and Christianity is all about.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Engaging, moving, and a book you won't want to put down til the last page......

This novel by new author Preetham Grandhi is a riveting work of strong and unique characters. A delicate young girl begins to have strange dreams, a horrific killer strikes a peaceful community, and the genesis of a story of love, human evil, and struggle are revealed with the an artist's touch.
Can the caring doctor help the young girl in his care? Can he make sense of her troubling dreams before something terrible happens to her? More importantly, can he really believe what her dreams seem to mean about the nature of reality and of life and death?

The author draws from his own expertise to establlish a believable and honest character dealing with something unique and inspiring.

Strongly recommended as a welcome addition to lovers of suspense, the paranormal, crime stories, and a good read.