Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes to Sign His New Book this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Oklahoma City Full Circle Bookstore. 

An unusual opportunity to meet David Scheffer who as U.S. ambassador-at-large for war crimes during the Clinton administration was instrumental in the formation of war crimes tribunals, following atrocities in the Balkans, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia. 

He will speak briefly and sign his new book All the Missing Souls: A Personal History of the War Crimes Tribunals at 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday. 

A Note About Parking! Says FCB: "It looks worse than it is...the city is replacing the main water line to 50 Penn Place on an emergency basis. We will continue to have access from both sides of the north parking lot and will have the use of all but four spaces. In addition, please feel welcome to park in the east lot around the Olive Garden (that is not for their exclusive use), the west lot, and on the weekends, in the garage. "

For a complete list of future events, click here to go to the Full Circle website.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Author James Wilhite reports he had a local news station carry a story on the work which he chronicles in his book We Answered the Call.     The retired military man shares the story of creating a military training school in Afghanistan which became so much more.    A Tate Publishing book available on the publisher website or from Amazon online.

Article here.


Oklahoma indie comic seeking funding for project. Here. Support local artist and creative talent, Kara Barrett,a graphic designer, marketer, and aspiring comic series writer and creator. After several years in the professional design and marketing field, her dream is to one day be able to give up the 9 to 5 office job and do this for a living

It's a girl-meets-apocalypse story filled with demon hordes, quippy banter and more than a few bumpy twists and turns. The End Is Totally Nigh is a comic series that centers around a girl who discovers she suddenly has an unusual ability - the power to exorcise demons. It won't be long before she discovers her demon knack is not quite what it seems.

Issue #1 brings us right into the action with epic battles, demon baddies and a big apocalyptic prophecy. Fun for the entire family, right?

Your generous contribution will pay for professional penciling and inking and beautiful color, cover art.

ALL contributions, large or small, are very much appreciated. Pledge as little as $5 or as much as you want. You will receive some pretty darn cool rewards for whatever kind of contribution you make.  Click here to help.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


In 1983, two rustic Okies discovered a major dinosaur quarry inside a corporate waste-holding pit near the Mountain Fork River in southeastern Oklahoma.  

It took the two amateurs almost four years to finish the dig and remove the articulated skeleton from the land owned by a powerful multinational corporation.  Thereafter, when the Corporation and academia learned the value of their world-class dinosaur specimen, a fierce conflict ensued over rightful ownership and possession of the giant carnivorous beast, equivalent in size and ferocity to the mighty T-Rex, but 50 million years older and much more rare.  

The struggle to save the decrepit bones and protect their vested interest in the "Mountain Fork Monster" propelled the two men on a long, arduous journey with horrendous consequences. 


Saturday, November 19, 2011


According to the back cover of this collection of cowboy poems, 'there are a few things that ever Christian cowboy can't get enough of...relishing in wide open spaces/ breathing in the fresh air/soaking up the clear skies/bonding with the Big Trail Boss...."

After reading this delightful collection of over fifty poems the reader will agree there is a lot of fresh air in these inspiring poems that peel away life to its essentials and remind the soul of the really important things in life.  

Cowboy or 'wannabe' readers will enjoy these poems for their heart, soul, and the essential American character and traditionally rich times they recall. They unabashedly, in true cowboy style, lead the way surely and frankly to the watering places of the soul and a life full of meaning. Readers will want to keep it close...

Well-written with verve and style, this is an essential title for collections of inspirational poetry and cowboy lore.  

Available from Tate Publishing and Amazon.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Book Chronicles History of Women Ministers in IPHC

Dr. Jeraldine T. Posey has written a timely new book, Let My Handmaid Speak: A History of Women in Ministry in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church from 1901–2011 (WestBow, 2011).    It is the first history woman in ministry within the IPHC and as such fills a crucial void in historical studies in Pentecostalism and modern Christianity.

The debate over women preachers has raged for centuries, but the argument has not been-and probably will not be-resolved. This book is not an addendum to that dispute. It is, however, an attempt to show some of the difficulties lady ministers have overcome to answer God's call to proclaim His Word.

The International Pentecostal Holiness Church, from its inception, has recognized women by admitting them to pulpits and allowing them to pastor churches. Lady ministers have also served successfully as evangelists and missionaries. 

However, the leadership of the denomination at a Solemn Assembly in 1996 acknowledged that the church had withheld from women places of honor and desired to release them to serve in leadership roles.Historically, women have gained ground only to lose it again, and even in our twenty-first century society, some still refuse to let God's handmaids speak.  


Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet A Publisher

Dancing With Bear Publishing would like to invite you to visit our website www.dancingwithbearpublishing.com. Please scan our main page and note that we are a family orientated publishing company that accepts clean, wholesome, and entertaining manuscripts for family members of all ages. Our material can be enjoyed by grandmothers and teenagers alike and we have a children's department as well.
Persuse our authors page, book store, guidfelines, and blog link to see a glimpse of what we offer.
We have an open call for children's books, short holiday stories for anthologies, and in December we will re-open our full length book call.
Our guidelines are posted for submissions and we welcome first time submissions.
We opened our doors in July and have received hundred of submissions and our published books are available at the DWB book store, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.
We look forward to reading your submissions.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

6 Year Old Author Tackles Bullying By Sharing Her Story

Kindergartner's book aims to educate other kids about obesity, bullying
A small child tackles a problem head on and serves as a role model for all children facing bullying, problems, or experiencing being different in any way.  In charming and sometimes touching first person the author shares the secret world of a child suffering from a medical condition and from peer taunting.  Rich in faith, the lessons shared by her parents serve to strengthen not only the child but also the parents.  A  blunt and open must read for children pre-school to fifth who face medical conditions, being differently challenged, or other issues.   It is also a good introduction for all children and parents about the issues  and impact of bullying.

From the press kit - 
Chicago Tribune
By Dawn Turner Trice  
Children began teasing LaNiyah Bailey about her weight two years ago when she was in pre-kindergarten. She told me they called her "fatty-pants" and "big, fat elephant girl." Some kids said LaNiyah's distended abdomen looked like she was carrying a baby. One adult, a former day-care provider, even called her "fatso."
LaNiyah's mother, LaToya White, said that although most adults don't say anything, many do stare when she and her daughter are in the grocery store.

LaNiyah is now 6 and weighs 115 pounds, about 70 pounds more than the average child her age. "People look at me like, 'What are you feeding her?'" said White, 34, who works for a property management company. "When we're in the store, they look in my shopping cart expecting to find a bunch of junk food. But she's always eaten healthy." So, as this west suburban Berkeley, Ill., child finds herself at the intersection of a couple of hot issues - the country's epidemic of childhood obesity and the destructive effects of bullying - her parents are determined to make sure neither erodes her self-esteem.
White said that she and LaNiyah's father, Songo Bailey, first noticed their daughter was gaining an abnormal amount of weight when she was 3 years old. The family met with a nutritionist who put LaNiyah on a strict 1,800-calorie-per-day diet. They hired a personal trainer, but LaNiyah's weight continued to increase. She gained 30 pounds during 2009. "The personal trainer said, 'Something is wrong,'" White said.
"One doctor told me, right in front of LaNiyah's face, 'She's just fat because you're feeding her the wrong things,'" White said. "She became so self-conscious that she doesn't wear jeans at all. She wears sweat pants, and I buy her cute tops. Or she'll wear dresses because she's a girlie-girl."
Outraged and frustrated, LaNiyah's parents continued taking her to doctors until one ordered an X-ray, which showed LaNiyah had a swollen colon. Other tests have shown evidence that she may have a hormonal abnormality. She now is being treated by an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist.
"We want people to know that childhood obesity isn't always food-induced," said Bailey, 33, a firefighter. Dr. Rebecca Unger, a pediatrician at Children's Memorial Hospital and a member of the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children, said it's unusual for children to be obese because of issues not directly related to overeating. But it does happen.
"By far the most common cause of childhood obesity is the imbalance between calories in and the amount of energy expended," said Unger, who is not LaNiyah's pediatrician.
"But even when a child's weight gain is because of medical reasons, the goal is to get it under control so there aren't other adverse physical and psychological effects."

White said that while LaNiyah's health was her biggest concern, she worried about how the weight was affecting LaNiyah's self-confidence. So she and her daughter decided to write about it. The result is LaNiyah's new book, "Not Fat Because I Wanna Be," self-published by her mother. LaNiyah said it explains how the teasing made her feel as well as how "you can't judge a book by its cover." "I came home crying to my mom and dad when I got teased and bullied," said LaNiyah, who is an effervescent and cute little girl. "I want people to learn that bullying isn't cool to do to other people.   

Check out the website.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Authors Cullan Hudson (Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma) and Marilyn A. Hudson (The Bones of Summer, When Death Rode the Rails) announce the release of the novel, The Mound.  Get a sample and background at The Mound blog.

Order your copy today on Amazon.


Every heart has a secret . . . 

New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrisonreturns with an emotionally charged new novel chroniclingthe sacrifices, betrayals, and choices of three individuals who will do anything for true love...

Is marriage sweeter than the icing on the wedding cake?

That's the question Mona Lisa Cunningham is asking herself as she's wedged between a bounty hunter and a marksman. Mona thinks she's escaped her past and can finally move forward in life now that she's left behind Steven, her husband who refuses to let Mona go-at whatever cost. Now engaged to William, who doesn't know she's legally married to another man, Mona doesn't want to put her or William's life in jeopardy by actually marrying him, so she keeps postponing the wedding. Mona knows how dangerous Steven is and knows that he wouldn't hesitate to kill her or William.

William Lincoln is growing increasingly frustrated with Mona. How many times can one woman reschedule a wedding? That's why when his first love, Katherine Clinton, sends him an e-mail in hopes of reconnecting with him, William takes hold of the opportunity. William has always had regrets over the way his relationship with Katherine ended and now he can set things right.

But when Katherine and him meet, their reunion is intense, so intense that now William is the one postponing the wedding so he can figure out a way to be with his true love while sparing Mona's feelings.  William devises a plan that will spare him having to tell either woman something that will hurt them. But when the scheme goes awry, and the truth comes out, all three lives will be forever changed when they all realize that true love never dies...


BAN Radio Meet the Literary Legends and Leaders on BAN Radio Show
rrThe Black Authors Network Literary Program aims to support the African American community and to show people, through the radio show, that African American writers are more than just a niche. That we bring wonderful stories to the minds and imaginations of everyone. We have stories to tell, using our voice and our experiences, that cross all races and cultures. The mission of BAN Radio Show is to give a platform for African American authors, but to also show the diversity of genres within our global community.

The BAN Radio Show is a Internet radio talk show for authors who should be recognized as having cross-over genres. We are aware that there are authors that are totally targeted to African American readers, but why not share your book with ALL readers? Why not make people aware that some books are written specifically for African American readers and some are cross-genre books written for the genereal public? We want readers, all readers to appreciate the work of Black Authors! Our stories are stories that can be embraced around the world.

Join us as we capitalize on these brilliant opportunities and successfully address the challenges we face as a progressive, pro-active unit of peopleIf you would like to be a guest on the BAN radio show, you will be joining a family of people dedicated to the advancement of literature and the improvement of literacy within our communities. 

Book Your Virtual Book Launch Today! 
The holidays are coming fast, don't get left behind in the crowds!  Get ahead of the crush and start promoting your ebook or printed book today with EDC Creations. We are now booking our Fall BAN Radio Shows. Reserve your Virtual Book Launch Party with Ella Curry by clicking the button below. We will email you the open dates for interviews in September and October.  Fee: $99.00 for the next 2 weeks only.  Expiration: August 28, 2011.  BAN Radio show is syndicated to 130 RSS feeds and blogs.  

Submit books for review to : Ella Curry, EDC Creations | Author Submissions, PO Box 7784 | Langley Park | MD | 20787

Friday, August 5, 2011

Meet Author Iva Lee Elliot

Like most of us, Iva Lee Elliott has seen her share of challenges. Raised in a Christian home and married at nineteen, she moved with her husband, Jerry, every few years as his job led them to various cities. In addition to raising three daughters, she cared for her aging parents, experiencing firsthand the heartbreak of losing one to Alzheimer’s disease. Jerry lost his job three times, all when the family had no other source of income.

In a life-changing moment in her mid-twenties, Elliott knelt at the altar of her church and turned her life over to God. After that she began to feel his hand on her—and that’s when things got really interesting. Whether it was praying about how to feed her family after she’d made a mistake in her checkbook or asking God to find the right house for them, Elliott’s prayers were answered, sometimes in unexpected ways at unexpected times. Even when she had all but given up on her marriage, God led her to see Jerry in a new light, strengthening not only the relationship she had with her husband but the one she had with God.

Elliott’s faith walk includes her thoughts about miracles, healing, the role of angels in our lives, and the decision to leave her denomination of forty-five years and join another. You’ll also see how she has been touched by her friendship with Monica, a Kenyan woman with her own remarkable faith journey and story to tell.

A definite add for religious collections, inspirational collections, and for readers looking for book of positive messages. 

Monday, August 1, 2011


Whorl Books proudly announces the imminent publication of the novel, THE MOUND, from authors Cullan Hudson (Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma) and Marilyn A. Hudson (The Bones of Summer: A Collection of Chilling Tales and When Death Rode the Rails).

Cullan Hudson is a freelance graphic designer, writer, and the author of Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, a nonfiction collection of strange-but-true tales from the Sooner State. His short story, "The Iron Door: Curse of the Sierra Jumanos" was included in the 2005 Red Dirt Anthology and his op-ed pieces have been read on several websites. Hudson has traveled the globe searching out strange places and there mysteries and he runs the popular blog, Strange State and will release Stranger State: More Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma in 2011. He is also hard at work on a collection of short horror entitled Dark West.



"Hudson has shown himself to be good at digging into old cryptozoology cases in the Sooner State, especially as it relates to bigfoot." - Author  Loren Coleman, writing on cryptomundo.com

"Hudson takes you on an exciting journey..." - Oklahoma Today

“Hudson does an amazing job . . . you won’t be disappointed.” - Ravanne Alexander, Territory Tellers/Raven Guard Press

“. . . an entertaining read. Mr. Hudson has left few stones unturned in his research as he attempts to shake the truth free.” - Joel-Anthony Gray, Society for Paranormal Investigation

“[Hudson] did a fantastic job!” - Terri French, Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa (PITT)

“[The] book is great!!! I loved reading it... The writing style is very fun to read. I love the mixture of suspense and humor.” - Darline Massie, Norman Public Schools


"Marilyn uses a darkly poetic writing style to create atmospheric character-driven stories. The result: chills and a need to read the next." Keith Pyeatt, award winning author of Struck and Dark Knowledge.

"[She] has a way of captivating your senses and making you feel the emotions of her characters. The Bones of Summer demands your attention and leave you wanting more." Terri French White, author of Tulsa's Haunted Memories.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dan Brown Couldn't Solve This Mystery!

DAN BROWN COULDN’T SOLVE THIS MYSTERY!  Trust Me the Untold Story of Mary Magdalene uncovers an ancient murder – one that affected not only the family and people close to it – but maybe all of mankind. You will find the author’s conclusions captivating. Never has a biblical exploration yielded such amazing conclusions.

Anne Urne made a simple decision to read the Bible and that quickly turned into a devotion and mission to learn which lasted decades. She sought answers to mysteries and found apocryphal books and ancient manuscripts that provided delightful synchronicities and powerful revelations that she shares in her books.

 Website:        http://www.media3.cc/Trust_me.htm
Email:             au444@cox.net

LAND RUN, Author Mark Graham

An Oklahoma expatriot - Mark Graham has written the new novel Land Run which is set in Oklahoma. Mark Graham lives in the country near Louisburg, North Carolina, with his wife, Christa, and five children. Land Run is his first novel. Mark is currently working on his next novel set in the Ukraine.

The story:
Developer Rusty Watson is determined to acquire, by any means necessary, a plot of land owned by an elderly man in the Willow Springs, Oklahoma, community. Driven by greed and personal torment, Rusty is hell-bent on retaliation against the one he believes took his son. But his adversary has different ideas. Elijah Montgomery is the grandson of a former slave to the Creek Indian Nation. He resides in the local nursing home, though he still owns the house and land his grandfather was once slave to. Rusty and his cohorts believe Elijah's tie to the land is simply sentimental. They hope he can, therefore, be bought with a price, but Elijah's dreams show him something that no one else knows. The story of this modern day Land Run twists and turns through events of fate, and everyone, including Elijah, will find that these events, like the extreme weather of their region, are driven by forces beyond their control. No one in Willow Springs will be left untouched by this battle. The unexpected conclusion to this contest of wills shows to all that this battle is not their's to fight.

The novel Land Run has been considered difficult to place for some in terms of genre. Some say it is general Christian fiction but the story is not bound by some Christian publishing restrictions. Others have placed it as a 'crossover' fiction story because of its realism that opens it to the general fiction category (ABA). Mark has noted that the novel is about people living in community and some of them are Christians (as with any community). His attempt is to be realistic to character, plot, and story. He has no other agenda in his writing or intent towards a specific genre. Mark is comfortable with whatever category is found for Land Run.

Available on various outlets, including Amazon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Children's Book

Mommy and Me Doggie Wash is a fun story about a young boy and his love for dogs and the doggie wash business he started with his mommy.  
Book site
Fox interview about the book
Written by Tenisha Edwards, with fun illustrations by Scrap Deliceman.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hada’s Spare Parts named winner of the Western Heritage Award for Poetry

Ken Hada’s Spare Parts has been named the winner of the 2011 Western Heritage Award for Poetry by the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum announced Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, Editor,Mongrel Empire Press
(http://www.mongrelempire.org/). Earlier this year, Spare Parts was named a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Awards and last fall, four poems from the collection were featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac.

What follows is the official press release from the Museum:

March 1, 2010--America’s premier Western museum, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, is excited to celebrate its golden anniversary with the announcement of its Western Heritage Award winners. The awards honor works in literature, music, film, and television reflecting the significant stories of the American West. The 50th Anniversary of the Western Heritage Awards will be celebrated at a black-tie banquet April 16, 2011.

Each honoree receives a Wrangler, an impressive bronze sculpture of a cowboy on horseback. Awards presented in 2011 are for works completed in 2010. Qualified professionals outside the Museum staff judge all categories.

Literary Awards
There are seven categories in the literary competition. They include Western novel, nonfiction book, art book, photography book, juvenile book, magazine article and poetry book.

The Outstanding Western Novel is Impatient with Desire by Gabrielle Burton and published by Hyperion Books. A novel based on the Donner Party—a group of more than 80 pioneers who were snowbound in 1846 in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains, during which some of them resorted to cannibalism—is narrated through the hauntingly imagined journal entries and letters of Tamsen Donner. Donner, her husband, George, their five daughters, along with the other pioneers headed to California on the California-Oregon Trail in eager anticipation of new lives out West. Everything that could go wrong did, and an American legend was born.
Will Bagley takes the Wrangler for Outstanding Nonfiction Book So Rugged and Mountainous:

Blazing the Trail to Oregon and California 1812-1848 published by University of Oklahoma Press. Bagley crafts a sweeping narrative of a classic journey involving America’s westward migration. Over the course of three decades, almost a million eager fortune-hunters, pioneers, and visionaries transformed the face of a continent—and displaced its previous inhabitants. The people who made the long and perilous journey over the Oregon and California trails drove this swift and astonishing change. In this volume, Bagley tells why and how this massive emigration began. Illustrated with photographs and historical maps, So Rugged and Mountainous is the first of a projected four-volume history, Overland West: The Story of the Oregon and California Trails.

Robert Lougheed Follow the Sun lands the Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Art Book. Written by Don Hedgpeth and published by Diamond Trail Press the book focuses on the man behind Mobil Oil Company's legendary flying Pegasus and the creator of numerous magazine covers familiar to a generation of readers. Follow the Sun is the first book to showcase the full breadth of Robert Lougheed's artistic legacy. More than 400 full-color reproductions trace his trajectory from early Canadian studies of working horses to commercial work to Western scenes and timeless plein-air oils of European subjects. Hedgpeth makes clear why “contemporary Western art owes a major debt of gratitude to Bob Lougheed.” This book takes a long stride toward repaying that debt and introduces a remarkable artist to any who have not yet had the pleasure.

Kristina L. Southwell and John R. Lovett reveal the remarkable work of a pioneering woman photographer earning them the Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Photography Book. Published by the University of Oklahoma Press, Life at the Kiowa, Comanche, and Wichita Agency captures the essence of a budding photographer in 1890 when Annette Ross Hume arrived home to her frontier village in Anadarko, Oklahoma. Southwell and Lovett provide an illuminating biography of Hume, focusing on her life in Anadarko and the development of her photographic skills. Hume’s portraits of everyday life are unforgettable — images of Indian mothers with babies in cradleboards, tribal elders conducting council meetings, families receiving their issue of beef from the government agent, and men and women engaging in the popular pastime of gambling. The Annette Ross Hume collection has been a favorite of researchers for many years. Now this elegant volume makes Hume’s photographs more widely accessible, allowing a unique glimpse into a truly diverse American West.

Off Like the Wind! The First Ride of the Pony Express by Michael P. Spradlin is the Outstanding Juvenile Book. The novel, published by Walker & Company, a Division of Bloombury Publishing Inc., tells the story ofthe first Pony Express rider who set out on a trail from Missouri to California in 1860. With him, he carried a special delivery — the first mail ever carried by hand to the West. Over the next 11 days, he and many other riders would endure harsh weather, dangerous animals and more, but nothing would diminish their unflagging determination and courage. Meticulously researched and gorgeously illustrated, Michael P. Spradlin and Layne Johnson's Off Like the Wind! brings to life an adventurous journey, full of suspense and excitement, that celebrates America's can-do attitude and pioneering spirit.

Writer Frederick J. Chiaventone takes top honors for Outstanding Magazine Article with “Taking Stock of the Pony Express,” published in Wild West Magazine/Weider History Group. Chiaventone is a former Army officer and author of the Wrangler-winning novel “Moon of Bitter Creek.” His Wild West article on “Taking Stock of the Pony Express” was written to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the short-lived but legendary Pony Express horseback mail service.

The Outstanding Poetry book winner is Spare Parts by Ken Hada and published by Mongrel Empire Press. This book of poems, acting as spare parts in themselves, is touted as the making of one smooth-running, powerful engine of ingenuity. Hada is a fourth-generation Oklahoman and professor at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, where he teaches American literature and courses in the humanities.

Western Music
The Western Heritage Music competition includes three music categories: new artist, original composition and traditional Western album. This year, awards are being presented in two categories.

“Shortgrass” by R.W. Hampton, produced by Joe DiBlasi and Gary Bright, wins for Outstanding Original Composition. Off the Cimarron Sounds album “Austin to Boston,” “Shortgrass” was written as a tribute to Hampton's son Cooper (and Cooper's best friend, Dawson) who joined the Marines while in high school. The two buddies have now traveled the world, and their service to the United States has been honored in perpetuity by Hampton's memorable song. Although what is considered the shortgrass country stretches from the Southern Rocky Mountains to Alberta, Canada, Hampton’s little Clearview Ranch is located at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, a chain within the Rockies in Northeastern New Mexico. It is popular country for raising horses since it gets its name from the short, but potent, native grasses that are suited to the windy high desert region.

In the category for Outstanding Traditional Western Album, the top honors go to “Gillette Brothers – Cowboys, Minstrels and Medicine Shows” recorded by the Gillette Brothers and produced by the Gillette Brothers and Craig Swancy. Recorded live at the Camp Street CafĂ© in Crockett, Texas, Guy and Pipp Gillette present 13 mostly old-time tunes featuring two tracks with Guy rattling bones. Therollicking CD is relaxing Western flavor honoring the slower paced life of the cowboy from the Old West. The award-winning duo plays cowboy music based on Celtic roots music, country blues, minstrel tunes and medicine show tunes in the style of the Old West.

Film and Television
Six categories comprise the film and television awards. They include theatrical motion picture, television feature film, docudrama, documentary, television news feature and fictional drama. This year, awards are being presented in only four categories.

The Outstanding Theatrical Motion Picture is “True Grit,” produced by the Coen brothers, Ethan and Joel, and also Scott Ruben. Steven Spielberg, A.C. Lyles and Paul Schwake were the executive producers on this film. This is the second adaptation of Charles Portis’ 1968 novel, which was previously adapted for film in 1969 starring John Wayne. Following the murder of her father by hired hand Tom Chaney, 14-year-old farm girl Mattie Ross sets out to capture the killer. To aid her, she hires the toughest U.S. Marshal she can find, a man with true grit, “Rooster” Cogburn. Against his wishes, she joins him in his trek into the Indian Nations in search of Chaney. They are joined by Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, who wants Chaney for his own purposes. The unlikely trio finds danger and surprises on the journey, and each has his or her “grit” tested. The film stars Hailee Steinfeld, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper.
In the category for Television Feature Film, the top honors go to “Temple Grandin,” produced by Scott Ferguson and directed by Mick Jackson. The idea for a biopic of Grandin originated with its executive producer Emily Gerson Saines, a successful talent agent and a co-founder of the nonprofit Autism Coalition for Research and Education. Claire Danes stars as Grandin, a woman with autism who revolutionized practices for the humane handling of livestock. Through mentoring and sheer will the young autistic woman succeeds against great odds. The made-for-tv biopic also stars Julia Ormond, Catherine O’Hara and David Strathairn.

“Wyatt Earp” is the Outstanding Documentary. Discover the true story of iconic Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp in the “American Experience” series. His reputation as a deadeye quick-draw cemented during the shootout at the O.K. Corral, Earp would later rise to the status of folk hero thanks for his tireless efforts in taming the west. But Earp wasn't always the do-gooder the legends made him out to be. In this documentary, executive producer Mark Samels and producer Rob Rapley eschew the myth in favor of the man, tracing the troubled youth of a drifting opportunist who married young, then fell in with a lawless crowd following his wife's untimely death. It was precisely those underworld ties, however, that helped to establish Earp's credibility as a lawman, and led him straight to the 1881 gunfight that historians are still talking about today. Later, after avenging his brother's death and fleeing to Los Angeles, Earp spent his last days searching for redemption and a means to reclaim his tarnished image.

Capturing the top spot for Fictional Drama is “Yella Fella & the Lady from Silver Gulch” directed by Norton Dill, produced by Slats Slaton and James Riley with executive producer Jimmy Rane. This short drama harkens back to the golden days of the Westerns. Jimmy Rane is Yella Fella and with the help of veteran Western movie stuntman Dean Smith they rescue the Sarah, a young lady held for ransom. With music from Grand Ole Opry members Riders In The Sky to enhance the motif this short drama has an old Western message—that good triumphs over evil.

The 2011 Western Heritage Awards is sponsored by Conoco Phillips and Wrangler along with supporting sponsors Republic National Distributing Company and associate sponsor OKC Convention and Visitors Bureau. Additional support provided from Museum Partners Devon Energy Corporation, Chesapeake Energy Corporation and the E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation and Major Museum Support from The Oklahoman.

The Western Heritage Awards are open to the public and reservations can be secured by calling (405) 478-2250, Ext. 219. Ticket prices for Friday night’s Jingle-Jangle Mingle are Nonmembers $40 and Members $30. The Western Heritage Awards banquet ticket prices are Nonmembers $175 and Members $145.

The National Cowboy Museum, America's Premier Western Heritage Museum™, is supported through memberships and private and corporate donations. The Museum offers annual memberships that include year-round admission for six people, subscription to the award-winning, quarterly publication Persimmon Hill and discounts for events and at The Museum Store. Nationally accredited, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is located in Oklahoma City’s Adventure District at the junction of I-44 and I-35. For more information about the Museum or for a calendar of events, visit www.nationalcowboymuseum.org or call
(405) 478-2250.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
Contact: Shayla Simpson – Director of PR & Museum Events
E-mail: ssimpson@nationalcowboymuseum.org
Phone: (405) 478-2250, Ext. 221
Fax: (405) 478-4714

Sunday, February 13, 2011

CAT'S EYES By Karen Lee Field

Cat’s Eyes (Land of Miu, #1)

by Karen Lee Field

Book Description:

Twelve year old Kate Dawson is unhappy at home. Her widowed mother has remarried and Kate has a stepfather and a six year old half-sister, Emma, who is nothing but a pest. She knows the resentment she feels towards Emma and her stepfather is making her mum unhappy, but Kate is confused by the deep feelings of guilt and jealousy that plague her.

One morning, Emma disappears down a mystical looking well. Irritated but worried, Kate follows and the two girls are thrust into the tunnels of Miu, an unknown place built within the lava tunnels of an extinct volcano. They meet a young Miuan princess and her guard, who are on the run, and the girls are instantly swept into a danger that will test their skills, their friendship and their love.

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Genre: Fantasy for younger readers (9 to 12 year olds)

ISBN: 978-0-9808642-0-5 (pbk.) and 978-0-9808642-1-2 (eBook) RRP: $14.99 Printed; $2.99 for Ebook Pages: 136 Formats: Paperback and Ebook Publisher: Kayelle Press Date Published: 10 December 2010

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Forever Laced: A Journey through Two Centuries
Kathryn Smith Lockhard

We become who we are because of those that came before and the choices made. It is the results of those decisions that lace one generation to the next.” [
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Kathryn Smith Lockhard is a former financial controller. She has spoken to large academic groups on career education and assisted in writing a manual for the State Department of Education based on statewide surveys she had conducted. As a videographer hobbyist, she has been interviewed on radio. As a direct descendant of the Roesch and Houston families, she has given a presentation to members of the Brevard Historical Society on the Roesch history based on three years of arduous research and countless interviews. A native of Florida, born at the former Banana River Naval Air Station, she now makes her home in Massachusetts with her family.


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From the Napoleonic Wars to family gatherings in 2008, Forever Laced tells the history of one extraordinary family through events large and small, of historic and personal significance.