Friday, August 5, 2011

Meet Author Iva Lee Elliot

Like most of us, Iva Lee Elliott has seen her share of challenges. Raised in a Christian home and married at nineteen, she moved with her husband, Jerry, every few years as his job led them to various cities. In addition to raising three daughters, she cared for her aging parents, experiencing firsthand the heartbreak of losing one to Alzheimer’s disease. Jerry lost his job three times, all when the family had no other source of income.

In a life-changing moment in her mid-twenties, Elliott knelt at the altar of her church and turned her life over to God. After that she began to feel his hand on her—and that’s when things got really interesting. Whether it was praying about how to feed her family after she’d made a mistake in her checkbook or asking God to find the right house for them, Elliott’s prayers were answered, sometimes in unexpected ways at unexpected times. Even when she had all but given up on her marriage, God led her to see Jerry in a new light, strengthening not only the relationship she had with her husband but the one she had with God.

Elliott’s faith walk includes her thoughts about miracles, healing, the role of angels in our lives, and the decision to leave her denomination of forty-five years and join another. You’ll also see how she has been touched by her friendship with Monica, a Kenyan woman with her own remarkable faith journey and story to tell.

A definite add for religious collections, inspirational collections, and for readers looking for book of positive messages. 

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