Saturday, August 13, 2011


Every heart has a secret . . . 

New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrisonreturns with an emotionally charged new novel chroniclingthe sacrifices, betrayals, and choices of three individuals who will do anything for true love...

Is marriage sweeter than the icing on the wedding cake?

That's the question Mona Lisa Cunningham is asking herself as she's wedged between a bounty hunter and a marksman. Mona thinks she's escaped her past and can finally move forward in life now that she's left behind Steven, her husband who refuses to let Mona go-at whatever cost. Now engaged to William, who doesn't know she's legally married to another man, Mona doesn't want to put her or William's life in jeopardy by actually marrying him, so she keeps postponing the wedding. Mona knows how dangerous Steven is and knows that he wouldn't hesitate to kill her or William.

William Lincoln is growing increasingly frustrated with Mona. How many times can one woman reschedule a wedding? That's why when his first love, Katherine Clinton, sends him an e-mail in hopes of reconnecting with him, William takes hold of the opportunity. William has always had regrets over the way his relationship with Katherine ended and now he can set things right.

But when Katherine and him meet, their reunion is intense, so intense that now William is the one postponing the wedding so he can figure out a way to be with his true love while sparing Mona's feelings.  William devises a plan that will spare him having to tell either woman something that will hurt them. But when the scheme goes awry, and the truth comes out, all three lives will be forever changed when they all realize that true love never dies...

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