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Author: Michele Bryd Shares "My 2 Secrets"

 "My 2 Secrets: An Adoption Story" is an emotional journey of a birth mother before, during and after the adoption of her two children.  It chronicles the impact these choices have had on her existing and future relationships and her general outlook on life during these times. 
A heartfelt true story of a birth mother's emotional journey surrounding the choice of adoption for her two children. It is an in depth account of the ongoing struggle involved in keeping the secret, and the impacts those choices had on family members and future relationships.
It is a story of truth and acceptance coming full circle. A must read for anyone involved in the adoption process including those in counseling, or any child or adult who grapples with trying to understand why they were adopted.
Available in print and Kindle versions.

ISBN - 10: 1494703335
ISBN - 13: 978-1494703332
Copyright Date: December 17, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eric Nierstedt Releases The Lightrider Journals

Author Eric Nierstedt announces the publication of  his new work, The Lightrider Journals.  The novel  is published through iUniverse (Nov. 2012; ISBN  9781475956122). Learn more and order via www.thelightriderjournals.com.
Description: Joseph Hashimoto is happy with his ordinary life. A man who believes in fairness and just action, Joe’s greatest love is his family. But as he moves about his days, he is completely unaware that his actions are carefully observed. With one momentous decision, Joe’s ordinary life is about to transform into an extraordinary existence.

While attempting to save a little girl from danger, Joe is killed in a violent explosion. But instead of dying, his soul is brought before the elemental Architects of the Universe, who tell him he has been chosen for a sacred duty. Reborn as Lightrider, the earthly representative of Light, Joe is given leadership over the Elemental Knights, a group of half-man, half-animal beings. Charged with maintaining balance between good and evil, Joe must police both sides and destroy anyone who threatens to ruin it. As Joe struggles with his conflicting emotions and longing for home, he must face his greatest threat- the ancient Chaos Demons.
 About the author: Eric Nierstedt, a reader since birth and a writer since high school graduated from Kean University with a bachelors’ degree in English. In 2011, his work was selected for the Unlimited Potential Theatre’s NJ Wordsmith Competition. He writes professionally for the Westfield Leader newspaper, the online magazine Suite101, and the official Lightrider blog (http://lightriderjournals.wordpress.com/), where he analyzes writing as a craft and in popular media. He is a lifelong resident of Garwood, NJ, and is currently working on the sequel to Lightrider, Equites.
You can catch him on Dec. 5th, at the Cranford NJ Public Library for a book signing. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Author Jim Bergstad

Jim Bergstad
You can read more about the author at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/captflash75. The authors also invites reader to visit his website: http://www.woodsidepubgroup.com for other reviews of his newest Ebooks: Hyde's Corner Trilogy - Book I - No Man's Land, only $4.99, Hyde's Corner Trilogy - Book II - In The Name of Vengeance, only $4.99 - Doors to Perdition - Eleven sinister tales of the darkness within us all, only $2.99. He notes that " The New Revised Edition of the award winning Screwing the Pooch at only $2.99. "

"You can also purchase my Ebooks @ http://www.smashwords.com or find me, J B Bergstad, at Amazon, iTunes Book store, B&N and other Ebook retail sales outlets. Look for the release of Hyde's Corner Trilogy - Book III - Murderous Intentions, later this year or early 2014."

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Author Maria Hammarblad

Steve Petersen is a Very Troubled Man. Sole survivor of a Taliban POW camp, he often thinks only parts of him returned; his sanity appears to have been left behind. He seeks solace in alcohol and drugs, but nothing helps block the images from his mind for more than minutes at a time, and he is trapped in horrifying flashbacks.

He is more than surprised when he wakes up in a bright and merry bedroom that turns out to belong to the widow Anna, a woman he has rudimentary memories of meeting. Knowing he should leave isn’t the same as doing it, and before he knows what’s happening, he finds himself pulled into a world with real life problems, such as folding laundry, and what’s for dinner.

Whiskey is no longer his first priority, and not being alone in his waking nightmare is a relief. That is, until Anna disappears. Steve finds himself forced to return to Afghanistan, a place where he’ll have to face both external enemies and himself.

Blog: http://www.scifiromance.info
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mariahammarblad

Friday, June 28, 2013

Author Shobha Nihalani

Need an intriguing book to take you on an exciting journey? Nine: Cure of the Kalingan is the first book in an  exciting tale sure to keep the reader holding their breath in suspense and tense with action.

For thousands of years, the wisdom of the NINE has protected mankind from destroying itself. But a vengeful ancient spirit has returned to shatter the peace. With the help of magical powers, he has possessed a young man and mobilised black yogis to destroy the NINE. Plucked from their ordinary lives, empowered with special abilities, Tara, Akash and Zubin are swept into an occult world of kala yogis and siddhis to fight an ancient warrior spirit...

Title: NINE - Curse of the Kalingan
Publisher: Penguin India 
ISBN-10 0143418858
ISBN-13 978-0143418856 
20-May 2013

About the Author
Shobha Nihalani is the author of The Silent Monument. Her debut novel, Karmic Blues, was translated and published in Denmark. She has worked as a freelance journalist, copywriter, bookkeeper, English teacher and salesperson. She lives in Hong Kong with her family.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet Nigerian Author Friday Abumere (Updated Links)

"Imagination Interviews" was happy to finally sit down with a new international voice and interview African author, Friday Abumere.  Friday Abumere comes from  Edo State, Nigeria. 
He obtained his Diploma certificate in Computer Engineering in 2004. He is author of Who To Blame, Blood Is Thicker Than Water, The Wind of Change, The Barren Destinys and Cry for Justice

As the interview began he was relaxed and sitting in a soft leather chair,  a bottle of wine and a glass cup by him side. Through the nearby window was the beach and the cold breeze was blowing. The sun was paving a way for the moon to take it place as the evening grew nearer and the birds were preparing to go to their nest for the day. 

After some preliminary greetings and small talk, the guiding force of this author was revealed.  He smiled as he looked out the wide window at the wide sand beach, the foamy waves and the broad canopy of sky.  He began to admire the hand work of God he saw in the vista through the window.  He saw the hand of God in that sea without end beyond that white band of sand in the background.  The noise of the moving water were a natural soundtrack to his comments and for the questions to come. 

When you are not writing , what is your work or activity?

When I am not writing, I am also architectural designer by computer. Which means I am always occupied.

When did you became an Author? How did it develop and what was your inspiration.

I became an Author seven years ago, it developed because I believed in myself and God, who was behind my inspirations.
What are you most passionate about in your writing? What theme are important to you?

Is to give my readers the best in anything related to my field. 

What are some interesting event from your career ? Any bloopers?

April last year, I submitted one of my manuscripts title (Blood is Thicker Than Water) to 10daybookclub for  preview. I became their top fan for the week. 

What did you think your impact has been among your audience? Your community?

My impact was noted and in my community it was very amazing.

What would you like to do with your work? If there was more time money, wider support, funding staff etc.

I have a lot of plans if I become successful.  For instance, I will invest in publishing, sponsor God's work, render assistance to the less privileged, such as  widows and orphans.

Where did you see yourself in the coming years? Will remain transform within the book world or move to something else?

By the grace of God, I can see myself  as a popular writer, maybe even one of the great Authors; I believe I have what it takes to be there.

As a writer, what and who are your influences? Where do you get your ideal?

My chief influence is God Almighty,  who is the creator of heaven and earth.
He is the one behind my ideas, because he gave me the wisdom, understanding, knowledge and the inspiration to write all my books.

When you write do you require a specific place quite mood music, a favorite chair or sweater etc?

Yes, most of the time I write at night, with no music,  provided the place is cool and calm.

Who is Author Friday Abumere?

He is an African, just a humble author from Nigeria. He writes with a lot of passion. He is author of Who To Blame, Blood is Thicker Than Water, The Barren Destiny, The Wind of Change, Cry for Justice, Wiser Than The Kind and Power of Love.

In the real world do you like sport or other suit? Or any given day where would someone find you and what would be doing?

Yes, I love sport especially football and table tennis.  Most days, I will be found in my office working with computer doing one or two things.

What is the next big thing on your personal and professional agenda?

The next thing is to take my work to the next level. To continue to believe in myself and God who was behind my early inspirations.

It was a delight to learn more about this author and to be able to share this interview.  His book, Blood Is Thicker Than Water, (see new links below)  is a tale of a young under graduate, who wanted to become a medical doctor. But the death of their father robs them for many things. Whatever they got during the burial was taking by the family and they forcibly took their father property that was left for them to fall back on. As a result of all this, their mother develops a mental illness and her daughter now plays the role of father and mother. She seeks for assistance from one place to another to take care of her mother. One day she ran into an old friend, who raised her hope of getting her a good job, but her hope of meeting her employer became deflated, when her friend became her employer and took her into a hotel room where she finally gave her job.

Emerging international author Friday Abumere is on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

New Links :  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/334873  or 

Author Christy Elkins

An interview with the author of children's books such as Noah's Mark, The Seedling Heart and adult novels such as Parallel, Lilac Hill, and The Dusty Road.  Christy Elkins publishes with Silver Knight and her books are available through many outlets.

Tell me Christy, when you are not writing or being you, what is your work or activity?
I’ve been many things; a photographer, insurance agent, accountant, among others, but my latest role is home maker, and I must say I’ve never been happier.

When did you become an author? How did it develop, and what was your inspiration? 
I began writing when I was a young child.  I had a knack for “BS” as some might say.  It came in quite handy when I didn’t have time to finish book reports assigned.  However, becoming a published author came much later.  I had to move to a separate state, away from my older children and I thought I might go mad from missing them.  I wrote my first book (a children’s collection of poetry), to keep my sanity as well as pass the time until I could see them again.

What are some interesting events from your career as (the writer, Christy Elkins)?  Any bloopers?
Of course most books are trial and error, at the beginning.  However, my first two books were written in long hand, because I didn’t own a computer.  Once I became technologically advanced, I was over eager and published my first book without editing it.  YIKES…is all I have to say about that.  (Editors are worth their weight in gold, no doubt.)  

What do you think your impact has been among members of your audience?  Your community? 
I can’t say that I recognize my impact on anyone in particular or on the community, but I have been very blessed by opportunities afforded me.  Because of my career choice, I have been able to be a part of some beautifully, rewarding projects, such as Noah’s Mark” and“For the Love of Zazell.  Both are works that I helped co-create and both benefit charitable organizations for children.  

I have read some of the reviews of your books and would say your readers definitely enjoy your books.  What would you have liked to do with your work if there was more time, money, wider support, funding, staff, etc.
Reach a broader audience.  I don’t have any delusions of being famous or rich, nor do I desire either one, but there is nothing more rewarding in a writing career than having readers.  People who take the time to read your work and then tell you, “Hey that was great; I want more!”

Where do you see yourself in the coming years?  Will Christy Elkins remain or transform within the book world or move on to something else?
Probably, fluffier with more wrinkles…age she’s a sneakin’ up on me.  As far as professionally, I think writing is just in my blood.  I will do this until the good Lord takes my breath away.  I have so many stories on the backburner right now, just waiting to be finished, and as my children grow, I hope to find more time to dedicate to my work.  Even as I mature I think my writing can only do the same.  Grow and become better and better with experience.

As a writer, what and who are your influences?   Where do you get your ideas?
Everything.   Sometimes, I feel like a humongous sponge, (maybe I can blame my weight on that alone).  Every person I meet, every situation I encounter develops me as a person and ads richness and fullness to my stories.  The more believable and relatable a story is the more enjoyable and likable it is to a reader.  

I also have some extremely crazy dreams and am fortunate enough to have encountered some pretty amazing writers, who have taught me some tricks of the trade, either by accident or instruction ally.  My dear friend, the very talented Maria Hammarblad, has really encouraged, motivated and baby sat me through some of my writing.   I can also add that I learned a great deal of technique from reading The Mound, by…oh, what was that lady's name?  Oh yes, the remarkable Marilyn Hudson and her fascinating son Cullan Hudson.

Readers often like to find authors similar in tone, subject, or style to another.  Who would most enjoy your work: readers of Stoker, Lovecraft, Shelley, King, Koonz, etc? 
Awww this is a brilliant questions with a cloudy answer.  I have so much trouble even identifying the genre of my books that I can’t possibly take a stab at who I might be like.  I know my children’s work is heavily influenced by the brilliant Shel Silverstein.  He was my all-time favorite when I was a child.  

My grown up reads are so different even from each other that I couldn’t possibly fathom an answer, but I can list some of my favorite author’s and maybe that could shine a little light on my style.  I really enjoy Mary Higgins Clark, Neal Shustermann, Suzanne Collins, Maria Hammarblad, Steven King, L.L. Bartlett, and Nancy Thayer, (to name a few).

When you write, do you require a special place, quiet, mood music, a favorite chair or sweater, etc.?
Time.   I think that is my biggest requirement.  I do enjoy a little background music and it is very mood specific.  I think I listened to two songs the entire time I wrote “Parallel”, “Sweet Jane” by the Cowboy Junkies & “Fade into You” by Mazzy Star.  I think I nearly drove my husband batty.

Who is Christy?  How similar are the two personas of author and Christy Elkins ?  In the real world, do you like sports or other pursuits?  On any given day where would someone find you and what would you be doing?
Christy Elkins is a very down to earth, yet sometimes quite disturbed person.  I am hardest on myself, both with work and just naturally.  I laugh easily, love deeply and try really hard to do what is right, most often to spite myself.  

I think I am a home body, but it’s because I have such an amazing family and am so satisfied by life, that there isn’t anywhere else I would rather be.  I love hanging out with my kids, my husband, our friends and family, (we host a lot of cookouts). I also enjoy fishing but I don’t hunt…watching something die just hurts my heart.

 What is the next big thing on your personal and professional agenda?
Personally:  Just to relax, be accepting of myself and really take the time to enjoy being home.  (We just moved back to Oklahoma from Texas).

Professionally:  Finishing a project!  I have probably a stack of at least five books just waiting to be born.  I would love to make that happen for at least one of them this year. 
Also, Silver Knight Publishing is releasing “Unchanged” very soon, (sometimes this summer hopefully).  It is an exciting Science-Fiction but not in the spaceship sense, more of a medical sci-fi, but it is full of action and diverse characters.  I am very excited and hope it is well received by readers. 

 Author Christy Elkins has a growing body of work and a fan base that is hungry for more from this down to earth but highly creative woman.  If you haven't read one of her books, I encourage you to do so and soon.  Her titles include works for children and books for the adult reader.  Don't put off the enjoyable things of life! 

Marilyn A. Hudson, author of The Bones of Summer and The Mound.

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If your school library or public library was damaged and needs to replace books, let Author Junction know.  Send info to marilynahudson@yahoo.com

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Author and Ant-Bullying
Advocate LaNiyah Bailey
8-year-old author, LaNiyah Bailey & her Mom, Toyiah Marquis's episode of  "The Ricki Lake Show," Size Doesn’t Matter, is airing  TOMORROW,  APRIL 18th.
You can check your local listings by visiting: www.TheRickiLakeShow.com and clicking “Where to Watch.”  

We’re super excited to show them off to America and hope you’ll tell your friends to check them out on the small screen! 

If you’re a tweeter, like we all are, make sure to tweet to @LaNiyahBailey@RickiLakeShow with hashtag #SizeDoesntMatter or #NoBulliesAllowed

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Writers Workshop Set for June in Carson City, NV

Attention all writers! Help us help youth-in-need, while deepening your craft, honing your skills and working toward personal writing/publishing goals at the Ventana Sierra Advanced Writing Workshop, June 14-16, 2013 in Carson City, NV. Our stellar faculty includes three top US writing coaches; five literary agents; two publishers; two editors; two college-level creative writing teachers; two poets; and five award-winning, bestselling authors.

The Ventana Sierra Advanced Writing Workshop was created specifically to help writers of all genres reach a higher plateau. The craft breakouts are specifically designed to go deeper than those you might find at other conferences. Faculty-led group critique and optional one-on-one manuscript critiques are apex-level. State of the industry talks and agent/editor panels provide the latest information to help you decide the best way to reach your publishing goals. Plus: networking, food, readings, a “meet the authors” evening, book signing, and an open mic for the brave. We’re talking some serious fun!

In addition, there is a Saturday-only track for teen writers, who will work with an agent and four award-winning, bestselling young adult authors, learning what it takes to become a published author. Best of all, the teen track is cost-free, and Foreword Literary will help the young writers e-pub their best at Smashwords and Amazon.

This event is the brainchild of nine-time NY Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins, whose travels as a young adult author have brought her into contact with young people with big dreams but limited resources. Ellen founded Ventana Sierra, a 501(c)(3), to help youth-in-need off the street, into safe housing and working toward career goals through higher education, vocational training, apprenticeships and the arts. Learn more about our goals here: www.ventanasierra.org. All net proceeds from the Ventana Sierra Advanced Writing Workshop directly benefit Ventana Sierra’s nonprofit programs.

There is a $100 discount for registrations received by May 15, 2013. Find out more about our workshop at http://ventanasierraworkshops.com/

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An energetic author whose interests are diverse and all feed into her creative work with skill and grace.   Historic fiction with deep human emotions and believable personalities make her work enjoyable to read. A complex and multifaceted author her interests spill over into a a variety of genres.  From a useful book for writers to delightful fiction, to a recipe collection merging history, family and the American experience, her works should be added to your reading list for 2013.  

Historical Fiction:
Author Jennifer Dahl

Evil’s Own Trinity
Before I Forget September
This Lesser Earth

Cookbook/Family History:

Best of Our Best: All-American Recipes of An All-American Family from All Over the World

How-To Book:

Creating Characters: A Sure-Fire Method for Making Real People Out of Nothing at All

Her  website, Amazon.com page, Facebook, and twitter contact info:





Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ferrell Book Recounts Little Known Battle of the Bones

THE BONE WAR OF MCCURTAIN COUNTY by Russell Ferrell.  Subtitled  A true story of two ordinary men's quest for treasure and their epic battle against extraordinary odds (Expanded edition). 2013.

After finishing the Russell Ferrell work there is an instinctive desire to mutter a loud, "wow!" A dramatic and intense story of a struggle over ownership of rare dinosaur bones (Acrocanthosaurus) found in in McCurtain County, Oklahoma it packs a wallop.  A rare, engaging work that will pull you in with as much intensity as any fictional work. Ferrell presents a tale of mythic proportions proving that truth really is stranger than fiction.  This is modern history writ not just large but in colossal dimensions.

In just over 400 pages the author has packed a story whose complexity, importance, and historical value can only be described as 'epic.' In the story of how two intelligent and capable amateurs were finally able to prevail against corporate greed,intimidation, academic short-shortsightedness, research rivalries, and worse is an important lesson for everyone. The author so completely explains the history, processes, and meaning of events that, even a reader without any knowledge of southeast Oklahoma, dinosaurs, fossil hunting, or confusions of legal and political activity- can clearly understand the struggles chronicled.

Cephis Hall and Sid Love - co-discoverers of the rare find - have to join the ranks of 20th century folk heroes. They battled the Weyerhaeuser Corporation of McCurtain County (OK), elitist academics and false accusations and raids by armed police. They fought against corruption, ignorance, and short sighted government.  As with any battle worth the effort it was not easy,it consumed the lives and best years of the main players. It ended finally, after many long and crazy years, on a positive note but also one with a strong sense of what might have been.

This is a "must have" for anyone who has a scientific bent, anyone who enjoys an exploration of the depths of human stupidity, loves a controversial topic, corporate greed, political and legal shell games, and the hint of academic snobbery. Some of the issues involved in this episode of dinosaur bone history involve hot topics from today's headlines: government intrusion, corporate favoritism, and special interest lobby influence.  This edition is expanded with additional information and it is a well written and produced softbound work from Rabelius Publishing.  Any library will be enriched by adding this title for its paleontology, Oklahoma history, twentieth century biography, and general 'good reads' collections.

ISBN: 9780983355106
Rabelius Publishing, Waxahachie, Texas.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pentecostal Classic Reissued

This insightful, practical, and purposeful book, PEOPLE ARE FOR CARING,  originally appeared in 1980.  The author, Damon O. Burrows,  was a man who believed much in the concept behind the title.  His faith was such that he never saw strangers but only potential members of  a great family of God.  The original description from the book says it all :

"Damon Burrows Is a person-who cares about people. In his individual and group experiences, he has developed a series of practical exercises that teach - "Caring is being like Jesus."

Reverend Burrows is now Evangelism Consultant for the General Department of Evangelism in the Pentecostal Holiness Church. He has been trained to develop specific church growth ministries which has involved over 100 lectures on his "Clinic on Church Healing."

Author ca 1980
A native of Oklahoma, Damon Burrows has served as an evangelist and pastor for ten years. He is a graduate of Southwestern College in Oklahoma City and has done graduate work at the Nazarene Theological Seminary and Midwestern Theological Seminary in Kansas City. He was a personnel man in the United States Navy for four years which began his 15 years of experience in counseling."

After the recent death of this minister, family and friends urged his family to reissue this timeless work to continue to bless and inspire others.  To most importantly continue the objective made clear through Damon Burrows' life, people are for caring.  It is a splendid book to add to collections of people based outreach, ministry, evangelism, Pentecostal authors, and related subject areas.

To order click here. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anna's Song Hits High Note

Anna's Song by Areline Bolerjack and Barbara Wright Jones.

Blending real history, family story, and a vital Christian faith, the authors present a fictional story that is entertaining and inspiring. The story of a young woman who leaves her troubled family, learns about life and redemption.  As she faces and overcomes difficulties readers from pre-teen to senior book lover will be engaged and eagerly turning the page.

The work is illustrated with historic images of objects mentioned in the book bringing home the reality of the time and place. This will greatly enhance the experience for younger readers and may provide a fond 'remember when?' moment for older ones.

The authors move through the story and its themes with a sure hand and the grace of a dancer. It is always believeable, never too much the Pollyanna or too much the melodramatic, and the result is a work of substance and character. 

Highly recommended as a good story, with fine inspirational qualities, and an ability to engage the reader in the life and experiences of its characters.

Monday, January 7, 2013

HEALING HAPPENS - Michelle L. Tate

The book is a collection of prose and poetry that seeks to both move and inspire readers in life. Sharing insights gained from her own journey of personal transformation and self discovery, author Tate gracefully moves through the process. It is an affirmation that 'healing happens.'

Someone once threw me the line - healing is natural. Internal voice echoed and said that “healing” is not only natural, it is our business and our right. A seed already living within us, though sometimes deeply buried by the noise and experiences of our lives. For me, something unsettled stirred inside. I stir with it. Maybe it’s worth digging for. Trauma of any flavor forms exceptional layer, which can separate us further from our own truth. How interesting should that be? These writings are shared with raw, honest, heartfelt style. Some in the form of story, some poetry – all carry a suggestion and also a hope. That we…remember. Empowerment is a magnificent thing – free to be received, if only we stop to pick it up. While the journey of our return may not always be easy, it is possible. And it is undeniably, worth the effort.

Author Michelle L. Tate is a licensed acupuncturist and co-founder of a practice located in Illinois, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Clinic. She is also an instructor of Aikido at the Abiding Spirit Center and the Aikido Shimboku Kai.

Order at: Amazon.com

Author: Michelle L. Tate
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1479157570
Copyright date: September 14, 2012


An exciting suspense book for those that love detective and suspense books is  “My Game: The switch”  by  N.K. David and published by Booktango.  It is available online at several places and at  http://bookstore.booktango.com/products/SKU-000591732/My-Game.aspx

In one of their usual fracas in school, Hillary threatened he can have sex with Rhoda in public, if he wanted, while she threatened to teach him a lesson for the insult. Then it happened that they were forced at gun point to have sex in public. The best detective in Florida was so interested in the investigations that he got involved only to realize that he has to play by the rules of the game to save is job and his marriage.

The book is one of the most difficult novels I have written and I could not continue. It took an inner help and inspiration to complete the work so little wonder the editor review is as stated below. "I found the book, My Game, brilliantly written. N. K. David puts a twist on the twist in this suspense filled novel.”-Leesia Parrish Champion.