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Meet Nigerian Author Friday Abumere (Updated Links)

"Imagination Interviews" was happy to finally sit down with a new international voice and interview African author, Friday Abumere.  Friday Abumere comes from  Edo State, Nigeria. 
He obtained his Diploma certificate in Computer Engineering in 2004. He is author of Who To Blame, Blood Is Thicker Than Water, The Wind of Change, The Barren Destinys and Cry for Justice

As the interview began he was relaxed and sitting in a soft leather chair,  a bottle of wine and a glass cup by him side. Through the nearby window was the beach and the cold breeze was blowing. The sun was paving a way for the moon to take it place as the evening grew nearer and the birds were preparing to go to their nest for the day. 

After some preliminary greetings and small talk, the guiding force of this author was revealed.  He smiled as he looked out the wide window at the wide sand beach, the foamy waves and the broad canopy of sky.  He began to admire the hand work of God he saw in the vista through the window.  He saw the hand of God in that sea without end beyond that white band of sand in the background.  The noise of the moving water were a natural soundtrack to his comments and for the questions to come. 

When you are not writing , what is your work or activity?

When I am not writing, I am also architectural designer by computer. Which means I am always occupied.

When did you became an Author? How did it develop and what was your inspiration.

I became an Author seven years ago, it developed because I believed in myself and God, who was behind my inspirations.
What are you most passionate about in your writing? What theme are important to you?

Is to give my readers the best in anything related to my field. 

What are some interesting event from your career ? Any bloopers?

April last year, I submitted one of my manuscripts title (Blood is Thicker Than Water) to 10daybookclub for  preview. I became their top fan for the week. 

What did you think your impact has been among your audience? Your community?

My impact was noted and in my community it was very amazing.

What would you like to do with your work? If there was more time money, wider support, funding staff etc.

I have a lot of plans if I become successful.  For instance, I will invest in publishing, sponsor God's work, render assistance to the less privileged, such as  widows and orphans.

Where did you see yourself in the coming years? Will remain transform within the book world or move to something else?

By the grace of God, I can see myself  as a popular writer, maybe even one of the great Authors; I believe I have what it takes to be there.

As a writer, what and who are your influences? Where do you get your ideal?

My chief influence is God Almighty,  who is the creator of heaven and earth.
He is the one behind my ideas, because he gave me the wisdom, understanding, knowledge and the inspiration to write all my books.

When you write do you require a specific place quite mood music, a favorite chair or sweater etc?

Yes, most of the time I write at night, with no music,  provided the place is cool and calm.

Who is Author Friday Abumere?

He is an African, just a humble author from Nigeria. He writes with a lot of passion. He is author of Who To Blame, Blood is Thicker Than Water, The Barren Destiny, The Wind of Change, Cry for Justice, Wiser Than The Kind and Power of Love.

In the real world do you like sport or other suit? Or any given day where would someone find you and what would be doing?

Yes, I love sport especially football and table tennis.  Most days, I will be found in my office working with computer doing one or two things.

What is the next big thing on your personal and professional agenda?

The next thing is to take my work to the next level. To continue to believe in myself and God who was behind my early inspirations.

It was a delight to learn more about this author and to be able to share this interview.  His book, Blood Is Thicker Than Water, (see new links below)  is a tale of a young under graduate, who wanted to become a medical doctor. But the death of their father robs them for many things. Whatever they got during the burial was taking by the family and they forcibly took their father property that was left for them to fall back on. As a result of all this, their mother develops a mental illness and her daughter now plays the role of father and mother. She seeks for assistance from one place to another to take care of her mother. One day she ran into an old friend, who raised her hope of getting her a good job, but her hope of meeting her employer became deflated, when her friend became her employer and took her into a hotel room where she finally gave her job.

Emerging international author Friday Abumere is on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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