Saturday, July 21, 2012


British author Peter Townsend has released Ghostly Images, a gripping mystery set in Victorian England.

Whitby, North Yorkshire – 1894

Two apprentice photographers, David Taylor and John Evans, find themselves unemployed and desperate for work when their employer dies.

They fall into the clutches of Hood, a notorious charlatan, who is eager to exploit them as “spirit photographers” with the aid of the infamous Tate Camera now owned by David. This notorious camera is said to have the ability not only to photograph spirits, but it can predict how and when the person photographed will die.

Reluctantly, David and John become immersed into the dubious, murky trade of spirit photography. Although David stubbornly refuses to believe in the supernatural, he becomes unnerved when ghostly images start to appear on the untouched photographs of young women who soon fall victim of a man people are calling “The Whitby Ripper.” 

Lucy Shaw, an ambitious reporter from The Whitby Herald, wants to expose both Hood and spirit photography as a fraud. She is a modern career woman eager to cover more exciting news than the flower shows her editor assigns. Her search for the truth attracts the attention of David, and possibly that of a murderer.

David is charming, handsome, a real lady-killer in every way. A relative newcomer to Whitby, he is reluctant to talk about his past or his direct link to the recent murder victims.

Is there any truth to the rumours about the Tate Camera? Can it predict the near future? Can it expose a killer?

Meanwhile…the Whitby Ripper waits for his next victim.

About the Author
Peter Townsend was born in Sheffield and has a variety of interests including history, music and art. One of his current fascinations is the history of Victorian England. He now lives by the northeast coast of England and regularly walks on the local beach or on the cliff top path towards Whitby where Ghostly Images, is set.

Ghostly Images is available in print and several ebook formats including Kindle and NOOK and can be found at many other online retailers. Visit the Ghostly Images page at LL- Publications: 

LL- Publications ( is an independent publisher based in Scotland specializing in genre and literary titles in both print and ebook formats since 2008.

Contact:  Jolie du PrĂ© –
Published by LL-Publications
$14.99 (US) / £9.99 (UK/EU) / $3.99, £2.99 (ebook)
ISBN:  9781905091768 (print) / 9781905091775 (ebook)
© Peter Townsend
279 pages 
Genre(s): mystery, suspense, historical, paranormal, Gothic suspense
Tags: Victorian England, spirit photography, Gothic

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Get your summer reading on with with this start to an exciting trilogy from author Darlene Cypser.  An exciting new talent transports the reader to Victorian England, the genius of the world's foremost deductive detective, and the adventures which shaped his future...
The Consulting Detective Trilogy Part I: University

Author: Darlene Cypser, Publisher: Foolscap and Quill, 2012
ISBN: 978-1938143069

List of places where it can be bought:

It was some time before Sherlock Holmes recovered from the events of late 1871. Physically, it took many months; mentally, it took many years. He was bound by both a promise to the living and a commitment to honour the dead, and being so bound he set the full force of his will to rebuilding the shattered pieces of his life. Yet sometimes will alone is not enough. Part I of The Consulting Detective Trilogy, follows 18 year old Sherlock Holmes from the end of The Crack in the Lens through his university career. It tells the story of his mental and emotional journey to his decision to become a detective as well his early cases and training.


The Crack in the Lens by Darlene Cypser
Publisher: Foolscap & Quill,  2010
ISBN: 978-0971855250 

If someone had asked Sherlock Holmes later in the year, there is little doubt that he would have said his life began that spring day in 1871 when he met Violet Rushdale upon the moors and ended in the winter some months distant. His mother would have disputed the former claim, and many, both friend and foe, would come to deny the latter. Yet what happened that year nearly cost him his life and his sanity, and strongly influenced the man he was to become. It is well known that the toughest steel that makes the sharpest swords must be plunged into the fire, then beaten and reshaped. So it is as well with the best and wisest of men.

Darlene A. Cypser was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but lived in Poughkeepsie, New York, during elementary school and high school before returning to Norman, Oklahoma for college and law school. In 1987 she moved to Boulder, Colorado where she practiced law until 1999 when she began producing and selling movies, and running other businesses. Darlene is currently producing a movie set in 18th century England based on Alfred Noyes’ poem The Highwayman.

Places to buy the book here.


Diane Zike is author of a collection of poems and two studies suitable for personal and group use. Her other titles include, Annunciation Incarnation ManifestationHere I Am: Poems and Prayers and Via Dolorosa: The Stations of the Cross.

Zike has a B. A. in English Literature from the City College of the City University of New York and holds a Master of Arts Degree (Ministry and Culture) from Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She received her initial training in pastoral care while assisting in the Tulsa Episcopal Chaplaincy program. Diane completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa. 

Diane brings a variety of life experiences to the writing of meditations. She was the chaplain and director for Interfaith AIDS Ministries in Tulsa for ten years. Diane served on the Diocesan AIDS Commission of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma. She also worked in hospice and served on a regional advisory board for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health. Diane has led workshops on hospital visitation, AIDS and death and dying issues and has written brochures and other materials on these topics. Diane is a member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Tulsa where she provides lay Eucharistic visitation and leads a Wednesday Compline Service.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sinister Minister Summer Mysteries

Steve Burt, whose works have won three Ray Bradbury Awards and was a 2005 Bram Stoker Award winner, offers a feast of mayhem and mystery to cool down the summer.   His works of the macabre include a striking short story collection: Odd Lot, Even Odder, Oddest Yet, and Wicked Odd.

Most recently, he has added two novels to his corpus.  The exciting FreeK Camp and its followup FreeK Show.   Soon, Freek Accident will also make its appearance. Additionally, he has written popular inspirational collections, A Christmas Dozen and Unk's Fiddle with tales to warm the heart. 

His list of awards includes : Winner of Bram Stoker Award for Young Readers(tied Clive Barker 2004, runner-up to Harry Potter 2003), 3 Ray Bradbury Awards, the Benjamin Franklin Award(mystery/suspense). Also ForeWord Honorable Mention for Best Horror Book, Writer's Digest Honorable Mention for Best Inspirational Book, finalist for Audio Fiction Book of the Year, 7 honorable mentions in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, Readers' Choice Award from The Storyteller Magazine, Editor's Choice Award from My Legacy Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul contributing author, Readers' Choice Award from Poetic Eloquence, Best Horror Story from Beyond the Moon magazine, Best Short Fiction Award from Ebbing Tide.

The stories are well written, pulling the reader deep into situations filled with tension, drama, and lives tossed into a maelstrom of the bizarre.   At times fantastic and horrific they squeeze the reader in a slow vice of emotion and fear.  They retain a sense of awesome reality and contain characters who could be people who living  down the street.

An author not to be missed this summer, winter, or anytime!  The story collections are small and compact enough to fit into a backpack or be crammed in that vacation suitcase.  Older elementary to adult will find them equally gripping and addictive.   The novels (FreeK Camp, FreeK Show) are thrill rides!  The story of strangers who discover they share some out the ordinary talents and strengths when faced with a life and death situation sets the stage for some great storytelling. Add to this developing and unique characters, situations, surprising emotional depth and it makes the reader eager to discover what happens to them next. 

Contact the author:
Steve Burt
29 Arnold Place
Norwich, CT 06360