Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LAND RUN, Author Mark Graham

An Oklahoma expatriot - Mark Graham has written the new novel Land Run which is set in Oklahoma. Mark Graham lives in the country near Louisburg, North Carolina, with his wife, Christa, and five children. Land Run is his first novel. Mark is currently working on his next novel set in the Ukraine.

The story:
Developer Rusty Watson is determined to acquire, by any means necessary, a plot of land owned by an elderly man in the Willow Springs, Oklahoma, community. Driven by greed and personal torment, Rusty is hell-bent on retaliation against the one he believes took his son. But his adversary has different ideas. Elijah Montgomery is the grandson of a former slave to the Creek Indian Nation. He resides in the local nursing home, though he still owns the house and land his grandfather was once slave to. Rusty and his cohorts believe Elijah's tie to the land is simply sentimental. They hope he can, therefore, be bought with a price, but Elijah's dreams show him something that no one else knows. The story of this modern day Land Run twists and turns through events of fate, and everyone, including Elijah, will find that these events, like the extreme weather of their region, are driven by forces beyond their control. No one in Willow Springs will be left untouched by this battle. The unexpected conclusion to this contest of wills shows to all that this battle is not their's to fight.

The novel Land Run has been considered difficult to place for some in terms of genre. Some say it is general Christian fiction but the story is not bound by some Christian publishing restrictions. Others have placed it as a 'crossover' fiction story because of its realism that opens it to the general fiction category (ABA). Mark has noted that the novel is about people living in community and some of them are Christians (as with any community). His attempt is to be realistic to character, plot, and story. He has no other agenda in his writing or intent towards a specific genre. Mark is comfortable with whatever category is found for Land Run.

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