Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anna's Song Hits High Note

Anna's Song by Areline Bolerjack and Barbara Wright Jones.

Blending real history, family story, and a vital Christian faith, the authors present a fictional story that is entertaining and inspiring. The story of a young woman who leaves her troubled family, learns about life and redemption.  As she faces and overcomes difficulties readers from pre-teen to senior book lover will be engaged and eagerly turning the page.

The work is illustrated with historic images of objects mentioned in the book bringing home the reality of the time and place. This will greatly enhance the experience for younger readers and may provide a fond 'remember when?' moment for older ones.

The authors move through the story and its themes with a sure hand and the grace of a dancer. It is always believeable, never too much the Pollyanna or too much the melodramatic, and the result is a work of substance and character. 

Highly recommended as a good story, with fine inspirational qualities, and an ability to engage the reader in the life and experiences of its characters.

Monday, January 7, 2013

HEALING HAPPENS - Michelle L. Tate

The book is a collection of prose and poetry that seeks to both move and inspire readers in life. Sharing insights gained from her own journey of personal transformation and self discovery, author Tate gracefully moves through the process. It is an affirmation that 'healing happens.'

Someone once threw me the line - healing is natural. Internal voice echoed and said that “healing” is not only natural, it is our business and our right. A seed already living within us, though sometimes deeply buried by the noise and experiences of our lives. For me, something unsettled stirred inside. I stir with it. Maybe it’s worth digging for. Trauma of any flavor forms exceptional layer, which can separate us further from our own truth. How interesting should that be? These writings are shared with raw, honest, heartfelt style. Some in the form of story, some poetry – all carry a suggestion and also a hope. That we…remember. Empowerment is a magnificent thing – free to be received, if only we stop to pick it up. While the journey of our return may not always be easy, it is possible. And it is undeniably, worth the effort.

Author Michelle L. Tate is a licensed acupuncturist and co-founder of a practice located in Illinois, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Clinic. She is also an instructor of Aikido at the Abiding Spirit Center and the Aikido Shimboku Kai.

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Author: Michelle L. Tate
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1479157570
Copyright date: September 14, 2012


An exciting suspense book for those that love detective and suspense books is  “My Game: The switch”  by  N.K. David and published by Booktango.  It is available online at several places and at

In one of their usual fracas in school, Hillary threatened he can have sex with Rhoda in public, if he wanted, while she threatened to teach him a lesson for the insult. Then it happened that they were forced at gun point to have sex in public. The best detective in Florida was so interested in the investigations that he got involved only to realize that he has to play by the rules of the game to save is job and his marriage.

The book is one of the most difficult novels I have written and I could not continue. It took an inner help and inspiration to complete the work so little wonder the editor review is as stated below. "I found the book, My Game, brilliantly written. N. K. David puts a twist on the twist in this suspense filled novel.”-Leesia Parrish Champion.