Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Writers Workshop Set for June in Carson City, NV

Attention all writers! Help us help youth-in-need, while deepening your craft, honing your skills and working toward personal writing/publishing goals at the Ventana Sierra Advanced Writing Workshop, June 14-16, 2013 in Carson City, NV. Our stellar faculty includes three top US writing coaches; five literary agents; two publishers; two editors; two college-level creative writing teachers; two poets; and five award-winning, bestselling authors.

The Ventana Sierra Advanced Writing Workshop was created specifically to help writers of all genres reach a higher plateau. The craft breakouts are specifically designed to go deeper than those you might find at other conferences. Faculty-led group critique and optional one-on-one manuscript critiques are apex-level. State of the industry talks and agent/editor panels provide the latest information to help you decide the best way to reach your publishing goals. Plus: networking, food, readings, a “meet the authors” evening, book signing, and an open mic for the brave. We’re talking some serious fun!

In addition, there is a Saturday-only track for teen writers, who will work with an agent and four award-winning, bestselling young adult authors, learning what it takes to become a published author. Best of all, the teen track is cost-free, and Foreword Literary will help the young writers e-pub their best at Smashwords and Amazon.

This event is the brainchild of nine-time NY Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins, whose travels as a young adult author have brought her into contact with young people with big dreams but limited resources. Ellen founded Ventana Sierra, a 501(c)(3), to help youth-in-need off the street, into safe housing and working toward career goals through higher education, vocational training, apprenticeships and the arts. Learn more about our goals here: All net proceeds from the Ventana Sierra Advanced Writing Workshop directly benefit Ventana Sierra’s nonprofit programs.

There is a $100 discount for registrations received by May 15, 2013. Find out more about our workshop at

Thursday, March 21, 2013


An energetic author whose interests are diverse and all feed into her creative work with skill and grace.   Historic fiction with deep human emotions and believable personalities make her work enjoyable to read. A complex and multifaceted author her interests spill over into a a variety of genres.  From a useful book for writers to delightful fiction, to a recipe collection merging history, family and the American experience, her works should be added to your reading list for 2013.  

Historical Fiction:
Author Jennifer Dahl

Evil’s Own Trinity
Before I Forget September
This Lesser Earth

Cookbook/Family History:

Best of Our Best: All-American Recipes of An All-American Family from All Over the World

How-To Book:

Creating Characters: A Sure-Fire Method for Making Real People Out of Nothing at All

Her  website, page, Facebook, and twitter contact info:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ferrell Book Recounts Little Known Battle of the Bones

THE BONE WAR OF MCCURTAIN COUNTY by Russell Ferrell.  Subtitled  A true story of two ordinary men's quest for treasure and their epic battle against extraordinary odds (Expanded edition). 2013.

After finishing the Russell Ferrell work there is an instinctive desire to mutter a loud, "wow!" A dramatic and intense story of a struggle over ownership of rare dinosaur bones (Acrocanthosaurus) found in in McCurtain County, Oklahoma it packs a wallop.  A rare, engaging work that will pull you in with as much intensity as any fictional work. Ferrell presents a tale of mythic proportions proving that truth really is stranger than fiction.  This is modern history writ not just large but in colossal dimensions.

In just over 400 pages the author has packed a story whose complexity, importance, and historical value can only be described as 'epic.' In the story of how two intelligent and capable amateurs were finally able to prevail against corporate greed,intimidation, academic short-shortsightedness, research rivalries, and worse is an important lesson for everyone. The author so completely explains the history, processes, and meaning of events that, even a reader without any knowledge of southeast Oklahoma, dinosaurs, fossil hunting, or confusions of legal and political activity- can clearly understand the struggles chronicled.

Cephis Hall and Sid Love - co-discoverers of the rare find - have to join the ranks of 20th century folk heroes. They battled the Weyerhaeuser Corporation of McCurtain County (OK), elitist academics and false accusations and raids by armed police. They fought against corruption, ignorance, and short sighted government.  As with any battle worth the effort it was not easy,it consumed the lives and best years of the main players. It ended finally, after many long and crazy years, on a positive note but also one with a strong sense of what might have been.

This is a "must have" for anyone who has a scientific bent, anyone who enjoys an exploration of the depths of human stupidity, loves a controversial topic, corporate greed, political and legal shell games, and the hint of academic snobbery. Some of the issues involved in this episode of dinosaur bone history involve hot topics from today's headlines: government intrusion, corporate favoritism, and special interest lobby influence.  This edition is expanded with additional information and it is a well written and produced softbound work from Rabelius Publishing.  Any library will be enriched by adding this title for its paleontology, Oklahoma history, twentieth century biography, and general 'good reads' collections.

ISBN: 9780983355106
Rabelius Publishing, Waxahachie, Texas.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pentecostal Classic Reissued

This insightful, practical, and purposeful book, PEOPLE ARE FOR CARING,  originally appeared in 1980.  The author, Damon O. Burrows,  was a man who believed much in the concept behind the title.  His faith was such that he never saw strangers but only potential members of  a great family of God.  The original description from the book says it all :

"Damon Burrows Is a person-who cares about people. In his individual and group experiences, he has developed a series of practical exercises that teach - "Caring is being like Jesus."

Reverend Burrows is now Evangelism Consultant for the General Department of Evangelism in the Pentecostal Holiness Church. He has been trained to develop specific church growth ministries which has involved over 100 lectures on his "Clinic on Church Healing."

Author ca 1980
A native of Oklahoma, Damon Burrows has served as an evangelist and pastor for ten years. He is a graduate of Southwestern College in Oklahoma City and has done graduate work at the Nazarene Theological Seminary and Midwestern Theological Seminary in Kansas City. He was a personnel man in the United States Navy for four years which began his 15 years of experience in counseling."

After the recent death of this minister, family and friends urged his family to reissue this timeless work to continue to bless and inspire others.  To most importantly continue the objective made clear through Damon Burrows' life, people are for caring.  It is a splendid book to add to collections of people based outreach, ministry, evangelism, Pentecostal authors, and related subject areas.

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