Monday, December 31, 2012

A Mormon Massacre by Joseph M. Rinaldo

This modern-day novel is based on the actual massacre of innocent Americans by Mormon zealots in the Utah Territory. In present-day Nashville, Tennessee, Jeremiah grows up with a prejudice against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the murders in 1857 of his ancestors at Mountain Meadows. Until the 1995 Oklahoma City attack, this was the most deadly act of terrorism against US citizens. 

Jeremiah’s hatred multiplies when his father, Luke, informs him that his mother suffered abuse at the hands of her Mormon husband in a previous marriage. Due to his father’s association with the Mormon Victim’s Action Committee, Jeremiah gets an opportunity to expose the current wide-spread and Church-accepted practice of abusing women. With his father’s encouragement and the knowledge of his mother’s horrific experience, Jeremiah accepts M-VAC’s offer to train and insert him into an LDS community in hopes of collecting evidence to prosecute the abusers. Jeremiah’s objective broadens when he sees all the atrocities committed by Mormon zealots. Now he wants to expose the entire Church as a violent and dangerous fraud.

Author Rinaldo lives currently in Nashville, Tennessee. From this most American of southern cities he writes about the violent activities of a Mormon sect in A MORMON MASSACRE, the internal turmoil in the CIA in A SPY AT HOME, and about deadly gangs in HAZARDOUS CHOICES. You've probably heard that authors write what they know. Think it's true?

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A MORMON MASSACRE, published by Joseph M. Rinaldo
ISBN: 978-1477505915, copyright 2007,

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