Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meet Author Gary Goldstein

Jew in Jail,  Gary Goldstein (CreateSpace, 2010)

Gary Goldstein received a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Long Island University and worked as a broadcast associate, researcher and assistant producer for two major television networks. As an alumni member of the Coney Island Hospital Chemical Dependency Program, Goldstein is currently a motivational speaker and hopes to serve as a shining example of how to overcome one’s negative past.

JEW IN JAIL "is the true story of the nearly six years that I spent incarcerated in various correctional facilities throughout the state of New York. It deals with my attempts at recovery from past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling, as well as my efforts to turn my life around in hopes of becoming a solid citizen and successful member of society upon my release. In addition, my book also provides insight into how I, as a minority in prison, was forced to fend for myself against all of the mistreatment at the hands of the powers that be from the Department Of Correctional Services in this "world within the real world," as well as the daily grind of doing time with hardened criminals, many of whom I felt no close connection to, all the while continuing to fight for the true justice I strongly felt I wasn't afforded during my lower court proceedings."

A perfect addition to collections of social science, prisons and prisoners, criminal justice, biography, drug addiction and recovery, and social justice.

 ISBN-13: 978-1452864341 ; November 5, 2010

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